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Better than an agency. No waiting for phone calls. No worrying about who'll show up at your door or if they'll show up on time. You'll have a healtheir wallet and less stress. No complicated percentages to figure out how much you're paying or getting paid.

Need Staff? - Unbeatable, Upfront pricing - Highest Quality Staff: Choose Temps rated by Practices like Yours - No Calling and Waiting: Quick and Effective, Get on with Your Day - See Only Staff that Fits your needs and Your standards - Free Day of Staffing: The more you use the app the sooner you earn a free day of temp staffing - Favorite Temps you like, Blacklist those you don't

Need Work? - Full Control over when and where you work - Get paid the same day - NO Working at Offices you can't stand - Avoid Staffing Agency politics - Earn "Double-Your-Pay Day" by simply working and spreading the word


Three taps and you can find the perfect staff or a job. No more sorting through reems of resumes to find that right person - only for them to show up and not know what theyre doing.

You've got enough to worry about - running an office is no easy task. As medical professionals we understand that when you need a role filled you need it done FAST. With a single tap you can tons of applicants ready, or you can choose from favorites you've worked with in the past.

By simply filling out your profile you can save money and find the highest quality staff. We made skimming through applicants easy. The design you see makes it easier to qualify who youre hiring - no relying on an agency or skimming through the resumes they send over. Assign your manager, or team member you trust and you're office will be at 100% in three taps.

You pay the temps in office, at the end of the day - No need to pay them through us.


Never wait on an agency or pay exhorbirant fees again.

Download NOW and reduce staffing stress.

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CueTemp is revolutionizing dental staffing - making it more cost effective and less stressful. Offices can earn a free day of staffing and job seekers can earn double-your-pay for day...just by using and sharing the app.

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Our Testimonials

offees referral program
"Finally, one of our major problems - which is finding staff on short notice - is no longer a problem"

Jacqueline D.

cuetemp referal program
"CueTemp has saved production numbers numerous times"

Monica M.

offees referral program
"Since CueTemp filling last minute staff needs has never been cheaper or easier ."

Dr. Lori S

California, USA
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