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Earn Double Your Pay for a Day
For temporary staff: Just by using and sharing the app. 

Easy to Hire
Three clicks and you’ll see temps in your area ready to work. 

Earn a Free Day of Staffing
For hiring parties: Just by using and sharing the app.  

Get Paid in Person
Get paid at the end of the day. No waiting for payments to be processed. 

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offees referral program
offees referral program

Why CueTemp?

Three taps and you can find the perfect staff or job. No more sorting through reems of resumes to find that right person – only for them to show up and not know what they’re doing.

Avoid agencies, have a healthier wallet and less stress. No complicated percentages to figure out how much you’re paying or getting paid. Earn two times the pay with our referral program or, if you’re an office, earn a free day of temp staffing on us – all by using and sharing the app

Never wait on an agency or pay exorbitant fees again

  Cost-effective and Transparent.

  High Quality Staff: Reviewed by Doctors and Practices like yours.

  Efficient: No waiting for an Agency to call you back.

 Choose who Works for you, Favorite them for easy access next time.

 The more often you use Cue.

 Temp the sooner you earn twice the pay (if a temp) or a free day of staffing (if a practice owner).

 Finding work and finding good staff has never been easier.

 Hiring Parties: 14.99/month – no other fees or complicated percentages, one flat rate for unlimited staffing. Temporary staff: Free to sign up!

Finding quality temporary staff for your office used to be a process, never truly knowing who’d come through the door. With CueTemp you can view profile pictures, ratings, qualifications and work history all before making a decision.

Finding work used to be a game of waiting for the phone to ring. No longer – set your Availability or submit open availability daily and see what jobs are in your area. You can set a minimum hourly amount and a maximum driving distance.

By simply filling out your profile you can save money and find the highest quality staff. We made skimming through applicants easy.

The design you see makes it easier to qualify who you’re hiring – no relying on an agency or skimming through the resumes they send over. Assign your manager or team member you trust and you’re office will be at 100% in three taps.

You pay the temps in office, at the end of

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With CueTemp dental offices can hire unlimited temporary staff for 14.99 a month. There’s no catch. If you need staff at the last minute or in a few day CueTemp will find the right person for you in just three taps.

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retain patients
retain patients

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